Submit and track the status of your permit and business license applications.

Find out what you need:

Do a search on medicinehat.ca for your planned project to learn what type of permits are required.

  • A Development Permit covers the what and where of a particular development. It approves what type of development is allowed on a particular property, considering the land use and setback rules of the City’s Land Use Bylaw.
  • Safety Codes Permits cover how it is built. These are required for construction, electrical, gas, plumbing and related projects, and are based on meeting the requirements of various construction codes.
  • A Business License allows a commercial-based or home-based business to operate within Medicine Hat. Without a valid business license, contractors are not allowed to obtain construction permits.

To apply:

Click below on the application you need. Login (or create your account), fill in the required information and submit. You must also complete the appropriate PDF application form(s) and upload it with your ePermit application. Forms are available for download at medicinehat.ca Turnaround time for applications vary depending on complexity. Trades Permits (plumbing, electrical, gas, HVAC) require minimum 3 days.

For assistance using ePermit or finding application forms, contact:
Planning & Development Services
Phone: 403-529-8374