WELCOME to ePermit. The City of Medicine Hat is committed to providing exceptional public service and strive to continuously improve its services and methods of delivery! PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR ALL PORTAL USERS.

Refer to the series of helpful user guides available at www.medicinehat.ca/ePermit to determine what type of permit application is needed for your project. A Development Permit is required for most projects that include additions to an existing building that increase the total roof area of the building and all new accessory buildings (garages, gazebos and sheds over 10m2). Safety Code Permits are required for all projects where the various construction codes apply. This includes all new construction and certain alterations to existing buildings, electrical, gas and plumbing systems. Please be advised that the turnaround time on Trade Permits is approximately 3-10 days.

Visit www.medicinehat.ca/planning for additional information related to your specific project. You can also call Planning and Development Services directly at 403.529.8374 for assistance. If you have already submitted your permit application in person or electronically, please do not resubmit online. Contact our staff for assistance on linking your permit application to your portal account. Please note that an application form will be need to be completed and uploaded as part of your submission as it includes important information required for your permit to be issued.